Raw Reaction: July 22 episode

Daniel Bryan on WWE Raw, July 22.

Daniel Bryan on WWE Raw, July 22. Photo courtesy wwe.com

Turnbuckle Radio co-host Brian gives his thoughts on the July 22 edition of WWE Raw

Very interesting Raw this week. Relatively uneventful in terms of storylines, but notable for the large amount of the show that was dedicated to actual matches — and it wasn’t just quantity, but quality too.

If you subtract the Brad Maddox, Miz TV, and Punk promos, and replace them with a couple quality matches, you’d almost have a PPV.

Does the signal some kind of a new era, or change of booking for WWE. I don’t think so. Rather, I attribute this to Daniel Bryan-mania.

Not only is Bryan the most over guy in the company and pretty damn good on the mic, he’s also one of the most skilled wrestler in the company. So when you’re giving a guy a monster push and he can also carry a match, you let him do his thing in the ring. And for three matches over 30-plus minutes, he had the crowd on the edge of their seats. It’s unreal how much the fans — and that includes the entire spectrum of the “universe”, from the Cenation to the Cena haters — love this guy. He’s arguably getting one of the biggest pops of the last 15 years right now. Stone Cold, DX, The Rock, Punk — he’s in that category. IT will be very interesting to see what happens in his match at SummerSlam.

Brad Maddox continues to kick ass on a weekly basis. He’s non-stop entertainment, and here’s three reasons why he’s great in the GM role: 1) His entire persona and demeanour is unlike anything we’ve seen in the WWE GM role before, and that’s saying a lot 2) he’s not a McMahon. 3) He’s not Theodore Long. Long live the new “Sheriff of Raw.”

Curious that there was no Wyatt family tonight, just two weeks after their debut, although Raw did run a recap package of their attacks on Kane and Truth. I wonder if they are being kept off TV for a couple weeks while WWE figures out how to better book them. They’ve got something special here, and they know it, but they can’t be entirely happy with the fan’s response to them so far. The Wyatts are supposed to monster heels , and yet they’re getting face pops (with an entrance like that, how can you not cheer) and not being taken entirely seriously (Husky Harris chants?).

There really wasn’t anything bad on Raw this week, the Miz TV segment hyping Total Divas, notwithstanding, but you had to know WWE was going to try to hype that show in some manner. Mercifully, they kept it short.

Next week’s Raw has got some intrigue. I’m looking forward to seeing Ryback and Cena destroy each other yet again, and the tables match is a perfect way to maximize these two. The interaction between Kane/Bryan as they are forced to wrestle each other will be something to watch for. Kane hasn’t been seen since the Wyatts put him out, and I am only the one who thinks he might “follow the buzzards”?

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