Turnbuckle Blog: WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble goes live on Jan. 26, 2014. PHOTO via

The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble goes live at 6p.m. MST on Jan. 26, 2014. PHOTO via

Turnbuckle Radio hosts Trevor Robb and Brian Swane give their predictions for tonight’s Royal Rumble PPV event. With the 30-man over the top rope main event, picking a clear cut winner will take tact and skill.
Let’s see what these so called experts have in mind.


B: I fully expect a face to win this match, and given the winner gets a Wretlemania title shot, that wrestler has to be a big enough star to be a Mania main-eventer. That immediately narrows the field substantially. There’s a number of guys who have previously fought for the title at Mania – Rey Mysterio, Miz, Sheamus IF he returns – but presently aren’t at that level. Maybe Batista. Daniel Bryan would be a good pick, though he’s not slated to be in the match (but would it shock anyone if he’s a last-minute entrant? No! No! No!). That leaves the Best in the World, CM Punk, who’s already takrn on the protagonist role for this match by drawing No. 1. Also look for Roman Reigns to have a breakout performance and notch the most eliminations, but it would be a stunner if he wins. He’s not at that level. Yet. Next year could tell a different tale. Honestly, though, I’m most anticipating the amazing spot Kofi Kingston is going to pull off for his now-traditional unorthodox move to avoid elimination.

T: Brian expects a face to win this match, and he’s most likely correct. The CM Punk prediction would be fantastic to see, given he’s at the #1 spot — and if there’s anyone who can put on a great 30+ minute performance it’s CM Punk. But keeping the end goal in mind, I fully expect Punk’s fury towards the authority to end with a match between him and HHH at Wrestlemania, so he’s out. I love the idea of Roman Reigns turning on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins tonight and going on to win the Rumble match, as a face, to solidify his status as a main event playa (sorry Brodus). Is it likely to happen? Probably not. I can totally see Batistsa winning this thing. So with a flip of a coin, he’s my pick.
WINNER: Batista 

WWE TITLE MATCH – John Cena vs. Randy Orton
B: Given I expect a face to win the rumble, and I don’t see Cena going to Mania with the title, but perhaps another direction (gong….gong), I’m predicting Orton holds on to the belt here and continues his reign of  Authority-approved terror for a little bit longer. Should be a good match, regardless. These two always put on an entertaining match.
PICK: Randy Orton

T: I have to agree, Orton will take the strap into Mania as the company heel. The only question in this match is whether or not there will be outside interference. Either way, I see Orton landing his punt to the head on Cena to put him away and get the ‘W’. I fear, however, that this match will be a snoozer with each wrestler landing his typical series of moves — Orton with a powerslam/On the rope DDT, RKO, and Cena with his back drop, shoulder blocks and Attitude Adjustment. These two could barely entertain me with a TLC match and now we’re going to marvel at their technical game? Doubtful.
PICK: Randy Orton

B: Logic would suggest this match is the blow-off to their feud with Goat Boy going over clean and moving on to something big at WrestleMania. One intriguing twist would be Wyatt pulling out a win with the help of a new member of the family. Whatever happens, here’s hoping that this is not the end of the Wyatt having a prominent role in WWE. He’s far too entertaining. Follow the buzzards.
PICK: Daniel Bryan

T: The fans were never going to like D-Bry as  a Wyatt, so this match will definitely serve as the finality to this rivalry — which has been short-lived and almost forced by the hands of the WWE Universe. Bryan will win, and hopefully turn his focus on either the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or on a more meaningful rivalry leading into Mania, while the Wyatt’s would be wise to turn their focus on the Rhodes brothers and snatch those tag team titles.
PICK: Daniel Bryan

B: Brock didn’t re-sign with the WWE to be jobbed to the Big Show. He should go over here, although not before these two monsters destroy each other and quite possibly everything around them. There’s a high precedent after their famous ring-collapse spot so many years ago on Smackdown.
PICK: Brock Lesnar

T: Easiest match to predict. No way Lesnar loses this. This “rivalry” is simply a bridge to carry Lesnar through to Mania without compromising other feuds or having Lesnar look weak. A statement against the Big Slow will do well to solidify his beastliness.
PICK: Brock Lesnar

TAG TITLE MATCH -New Age Outlaws vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust
B: The New Age Outlaws have gone from a feel-good appearance on Old School Raw to a pay-per-view title shot in 3 weeks. Not bad. I could see the NAO winning the belts here, too, though I have no idea what, or if, the WWE is thinking long-term with Road Dogg and Mr. Ass. The Rhodes Bros. have had a good title run, so it would be nice to see them hold the straps a bit longer. They’ve brought some prestige to the titles, too, which is the WWE is kind of counteracting by putting this bout on the pre-show.
PICK: Goldust & Cody Rhodes

T: What’s this? No Miz on the pre show? NOOOOOO! Just kidding, nobody wants to see the Miz anymore.  I just want to say, I loved the heel turn by the NAO, I thought it was extremely effective and all around entertaining.  That said, I expect the Rhodes bros. to win the match, and as I indicated earlier, going on to a feud with the Wyatt’s where there title reign ends. That being said, when you have three veterans in the ring together it usually always makes for a good time.
PICK: Goldust & Cody Rhodes

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